Parents Virtual Bash

Helping parents understand how to help their child with behavioral, academic, and social challenges at school, home, and beyond

Learn How To Help Your School-Aged Children Overcome Their Challenges

Available July 20 - December 31

Learn How To Help Your Child By:

Managing and supporting your child's challenging behaviors

Using strategies and tools to improve their Math, Reading & Writing

Engaging and motivating your child when they are not willing

Building self confidence, self esteem, and self worth

Setting boundaries while building a supportive environment

Empowering and building self belief in your child

Helping your child navigate the challenging online digital world

Understanding and supporting your child with disabilities like ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia

Helping them celebrate individual differences in others

Assisting with developing a stronger mindset

Understanding and finding alternative pathways for success

Understanding IEPs and 504s & how to participate in the meetings

Supporting & guiding them through trauma

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Developing skills and tools to help you organize your hectic life

Through FREE on-demand access to workshops and resources in the Parents Virtual Bash Summit, world-class experts will introduce you to strategies and tools that will allow you to help your child through their academic, behavior, and social-emotional challenges.

And So Much More!

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