On-Demand Virtual Summit Events

Helping parents understand how to help their child with behavioral, academic, and social challenges at school, home, and beyond

Connecting educators to leaders who can help take their teaching and leading to another level.

Providing valuable information to community members who assist with working with youth in a variety of ways.

Learn How To Help School-Aged Children & Teens Overcome Their Challenges

Parents Virtual Bash Available July 20 - December 31

Educators Virtual Bash Available July 28 - December 31

Community Virtual Bash Available August 10 - December 31

Learn How To Help Kids & Teens By:

Managing and supporting challenging behaviors

Utilizing strategies and tools to improve ability in Math & Reading

Engaging and motivating youth who are apathetic

Building self confidence, self esteem, and self worth

Setting boundaries while building a supportive environment

Empowering and building self belief

Helping youth navigate a challenging online digital world

Understanding and supporting individuals with disabilities like ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia

Helping young people celebrate individual differences

Assisting with developing a strong mindset

Creating powerful and creative instructional practices

And So Much More!

Understanding and finding alternative pathways for success

Using organizing strategies to stay on top of things

Through on-demand access to workshops and resources in the Virtual Bash Summits, our collection of world-class presenters will provide you with the strategies and tools that you need to help kids and teens reach their goals.

Understanding IEPs and 504s & how to participate in the meetings

Supporting multilingual learners

Supporting & guiding youth through trauma

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Presenters Featured In

Virtual Bash Summits vs Other Events


The Parents Virtual Bash will showcase experts from the parenting and education space who will share strategies and tools that will help parents support their children through the challenges of school and beyond. It's not easy being a parent, and the presenters for these workshops want to help caregivers by providing valuable information and resources.

The Educators Virtual Bash has some of the greatest educational leaders from across the world presenting. These workshops will cover all of the main topics in education from the experts who can help teachers, paraeducators, and principals create a positive impact on the young people that they serve.

The Community Virtual Bash workshops are provided by some of the top leaders in the industry. The presenters will share strategies and tools that will help coaches, youth organization leaders, mentors, youth employers, or anyone who works with young people out in the community. The goal of this event is to assist community members so that they can go on to make a positive impact on young people.